Recipes & Cook Books that inspire us!


Fairytale Food Safari – A Wholefood Family Cookbook

by Angela Stafford

This book is one of our favourites! It’s beautiful to look at and it appeals to our love of cooking nutrient rich foods for our young families. Presented with an artistic ‘fantastical’ flair that expresses the joy in exploring food and the wondrous adventures we can create and have when we cook together! Angela is also Australian and a mum with a young family who enjoys the artistic world as much as the culinary! Much like us really!

Save With Jamie 

by Jamie Oliver

One of the things we teach in our workshops, is to reduce food waste and be thrifty with what you have in the pantry and fridge. This is an awesome book with great recipes for doing amazingly tasty things with your leftovers. Yummm!

The Nourished Kitchen

by Jennifer McGruther

A wonderful book for learning how to make things from scratch that you would more often buy than make yourself! Sour cream, Yoghurt, Various fermented beverages, naturally flavoured syrups, ice creams and cordials, cheeses & breads, and many wonderful recipes for foraged goodies. The skills to create these amazing comestibles are sort after by many a permaculturalist! We certainly enjoy learning from this book!

The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook



River Cottage handbook

by Pam Corbin


The Thrifty Kitchen

by Suzanne Gibbs & Kate Gibbs


The River Cottage Australia Cook Book