About the pear of us

Kate and Wendy are talented and experienced Landscape Architects with degrees in Landscape Architecture and are registered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). Both Kate and Wendy have completed one or more PDC’s! (Permaculture Design Certificates) and are members of the Permablitz Designers Guild. Together Kate & Wendy have over 30 years’ experience in a diverse range of permaculture and landscape projects including parks and reserves, residential and commercial developments, community and institutional projects and rural and residential property and garden design.

Kate and Wendy have worked in a range of employment settings including local government, small and medium design firms, large engineering companies and as sole practitioners.

Hi there!

I am a passionate gardener, cook and urban farmer. Inspired by the adventures of Tom and Barbara from The Good Life I grow and tend a large veggie garden which incorporates both raised beds and wicking beds, a variety of fruit trees and even a pond with yabbies! With my husband, son and daughter, I raise chooks and keep bees on a suburban block which provides with us with eggs and honey year round and lots to share with friends and our local community in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

I discovered permaculture back in 1995 and have been fascinated by the intersection and collision between landscape architecture and permaculture design ever since and hope to share this passion with you!


I love life! I enjoy making others smile and helping them achieve great things for themselves! I have a passion for living sustainably, protecting and enriching our environment, designing functional, productive and beautiful landscapes, growing and cooking my own produce, and sharing my knowledge and skills with others.

In my ‘spare’ time (What is that? *grin), I love being creative in everything I do! I enjoy photography, I regularly draw, create new recipes and have a passion for glasswork – lead-lighting and glass fusing!

I am also a mother of 5 year old non-identical twin girls called Philippa and Elena and 6 month old Erik who are all an amazing joy in my life and who keep me very busy whenever I’m not ‘working’. I enjoy teaching my girls about art and crafty things, plants and the natural world and they love helping me both in the kitchen and in the garden – especially planting things and picking fresh food to eat. Erik already looks in wonder at the natural world around him and enjoys the textures and colours of plants!

I look forward to sharing my love of design and life with you!