Reducing Food Waste – using your scraps!

Why should we reduce food waste?

It will save us money, reduce landfill and reduce our carbon footprint amongst many other reasons. There are many ways of reducing food waste: Freezing leftovers for another meal, giving leftovers to pets, composting, planning your meals so you don’t buy things to rot in the back of your fridge! One of the great ways to reduce waste is to make veggie Stock (You can add animal bones for more nutrients and flavours too!).

Collect your food peals, skins and stalks from your veggies and add them to a box in your freezer until you have enough to fill a slow cooker or pressure cooker (or a pot on the stove!). Add water to just cover the veggies and then cook/simmer on medium to low for several hours (until you’re happy with the flavour). Strain off the stock into a bowl or container for use in cooking straight away or freeze it for the next time you make a hearty soup!