Mt Waverly Project

The brief for this project involved plans for an ‘Alfresco dining’ area having been completed, with a need for some lawn, a pond/water feature, a utility area, a veggie patch and focal points to draw the eye from both inside the house and the outdoor dining area. The resulting landscape has a custom designed sculpture in mild steel sitting behind a fish pond with a birdbath designed and fabricated in similar fashion, both of which can be seen from inside the house and from the Alfresco area. The planting combines both ornamental and productive plant species with the raised veggie beds split into perennial and annual species.

Thornbury Project

The brief for this project was to create a colourful, low maintenance ‘dry’ garden and transform the small rear garden into a space for outdoor living and for the practise of Tai Chi. The plant palette provides a rich tapestry of form, colour and texture with drought tolerant succulents, cacti and grasses and the use of inorganic mulches of crushed brick, pebbles, scoria and river stones. A small raised veggie bed was also included in the design.

Alphington Project

The brief for this project was to connect the house with the outside space by creating a range of views from the house into the garden. Rooms were defined in the garden for the differing activities and needs of the family. The brick paving between the buildings was retained and connected to new circulation and access paths to delineate the space into rooms. Utility areas and sheds were screened, the trampoline relocated and a beautiful curved seat was placed within the garden to look back and connect the garden to the dwelling.

Windsor Project

The brief for this project was to create a formal garden to compliment a ‘Boom style’ house dating from the 1880’s. Symmetry, line and form combined to produce a balanced and coherent design. Bold foliage plants and flowers provide colour, form and structure. Garden features, sculptures, urns and pots were used to compliment the design and period of the house. The use of bluestone and decorative tiles connected the house with the garden.

Forest Hill Project

The brief for this project was to create a ‘gardeners garden’ with bold form, pattern and colour in the hard landscape and opportunities for the client to build up the planting within this framework. A number of existing elements, a carport and pergola and existing paving, were modified and reused in the landscape to provide an outdoor entertaining area. Alternative access to the garden and entertaining area was provided by a timber deck from the lounge room. Raised veggie beds were installed close to the kitchen within the utility area and the existing access.

Vermont Project

The brief for this project was to resolve pedestrian and vehicular access on a steep site and balance the hard paving with soft landscaping. A combination of paving materials differentiates the pedestrian access and visually breaks up the hard paving. Directional and decorative lighting guide pedestrian access along a ramp to the front door. Planting and materials complement the existing house and garden

Brighton Project

The brief for this project was to create an interim garden prior to garden and house renovations in three years. The project involved demolition and removal of existing sheds, paving and fences to make way for an area of grass for children’s play and an outdoor dining area. Fruit trees and boundary plantings were established for the long term garden and a mobile veggie and herb bed provided for the family’s short term needs.

Reservoir Project

A productive and ornamental garden with space to entertain and a home for a medium size dog with opportunities to appropriate views from a  neigbouring reserve to create the feeling of more space in a relatively small garden..

Lower Templestowe Project

This very small courtyard space was requested to be designed into an ornamental space on display from the central lounge area and an adjacent bedroom as well as a space for quiet contemplation or a spot to read the morning paper, uninterrupted by others in the house. It’s also been designed to be on display at night, lighting up sculptural elements and foliage.