This recipe is an old family favourite that is always a winner at our workshops. Makes about 1 litre, recipe is best doubled or trebled


1.5 kg ripe Tomatoes

500 g onions

2 Tblsp Salt

2 cups Sugar

3 Tsps Curry powder

¼ Tsp Chilli powder

1 Tblsp Dry mustard powder or Dijon mustard

2 cups Malt vinegar


  1. Skin tomatoes and cut into cubes – place in bowl and sprinkle with 1 tblsp of salt, cover and leave overnight.
  2. Peel onions and chop finely (or use a food processor) place in a separate bowl and sprinkle with 1 Tblsp salt, cover and leave overnight.
  3. The following day place tomatoes and onions with all their liquid into a non reactive pot, add sugar and stir over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved.
  4. Increase heat and bring to the boil for 5 minutes
  5. Combine curry chilli and mustard powder to make a smooth paste with a little of the vinegar, add remaining vinegar, mix well and add to the pot.
  6. Stir thoroughly to combine.
  7. Bring to the boil and boil uncovered for about an hour or until thick.
  8. Pour into sterilised jars and seal immediately with plastic lids