Preserving the Surplus

Why we do it?

Because we love it!

Preserving the surplus is about making the most of seasonal abundance, stretching the harvest into the leaner months. Transforming an excess of fruit or veg into something new and different, creating and intensifying flavours that you don’t get from fresh produce.

It’s about reducing waste, developing skills, becoming a resilient producer and reducing our consumption. It’s about making a connection between the garden and the kitchen and the food we eat.

It’s about eating well. Capturing the freshness of your harvest and retaining or even increasing the available nutrients and enjoying the seasonality of food

In a low energy future preserving the bounty of summer for winter time feasts requires skills that are straightforward, easy to acquire, great to share and fun to practise.

Where it all began

Kate began preserving at her mother’s knee way back in the 70’s, putting the rings and the clips on the fowlers vacola bottles full of cherries, apricots, tomatoes and peaches. Kate rediscovered the joys of preserving when she moved to the country in the mid 90’s and has been bottling, pickling, preserving and jamming ever since.

How we do it

Once you’ve mastered a few of the basic techniques the adventures begin. The ways are many and varied and include


Preserving with Vinegar 

Jam, Jelly and Marmalade making

Drying and Dehydrating

High acid water bath